In 2002, to promote the localization of the football, the Hong Kong SAR Government and Hong Kong Football Association facilitated the formation of local district football team in each of the 18 districts of Hong Kong to take part in the newly established 3rd Division “District” League.

The eligibility  of each team has to be assessed  and approved  by the respective  District Council.  Subsidies  are  being  received  from  the  District  Council  and  the  Leisure  and Cultural Services Department is sponsoring the venue.

The champion and the 1st runner up of this division and those of the 3rd Division “A” will be eligible to take part in the play-off to determine which two teams will be promoted to 2nd Division.

The Southern District Club has been progressively achieving good positions in the league since 2002 and was successful in promoting to 2nd Division in 2010.

Our football team principally comprises of youths. The Southern District Club has also assembled and professionally trained youths of ages 11 to 19, who will participate in the respective youth league organized by the Hong Kong Football Association. Potential elites will be promoted to the team of the higher age group and continue representing the team in the league matches.

The table below illustrates the development history of our 2nd Division team.

2002-2003 Div.3 10th
2003-2004 Div.3 5th
2004-2005 Div.3 8th
2005-2006 Div.3 4th
2006-2007 Div.3 2nd
2007-2008 Div.3 2nd
2008-2009 Div.3 4th
2009-2010 Div.3 2th
2010-2011 Div.2 6th

In 2010, the Div 2 won the champion of the Junior Shield